Friday, May 7, 2010

Its Friday YAY!!!

Hello bloggy friends! I am so glad it is Friday. Yesterday was crazy busy running errands,cleaning,picking kids up from school etc. Yesterdays bfast started with oatmeal with chia seeds,almond breeze,stevia drops and fresh strawberries with a small crumble of low fat granola and Fage yogurt. It was excellent.

Lunch was made in a hurry, it was this lovely blueberry vanilla protein shake. In the mix was: blueberries,vanilla almond breeze,maca,vanilla brown rice protein powder and ice. Twas really refreshing.

Then this baby was calling my name:

Yes, a coconut cream Lara Bar. This flavor is the best in my opinion. I've tried a few of the others but this one is my fave. Dinner on the other hand was chips and salsa and re fried beans. I totally ate WAY too much and felt yucky afterwards. :(

After dinner I finished my day with more laundry,King of Queens and some of this :
This flavor is soooo good! You must try now.

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