Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Hello friends! It's been a busy day in my house today. Mounds of laundry,dishes,vacuuming etc. Did I get any of that done? Well some of it. This morning started out with my 4 yr old screaming and whining that she wanted pancakes. After calmly talking her down, I decided to make "healthy" pancakes and they would be deceptively delicious! In the mix was: 1 1/2  C. Healthy Heart Bisquick
1/2 c whole wheat flour
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 c vanilla unsweetened almond breeze
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp chia seeds
1tbs flax meal
Cook per usual and viola!!

The children thought they were yummy! He He

Do you ever have to lie trick your kids into eating healthy food? I just have to be super sneaky. My daughter in particular is very perceptive about her food. Especially the color. If the color is not just right she won't eat it. Even if it tastes the same. I know this from many many occasions. My son on the other hand will eat almost anything I give him. With the exception of pasta. Weirdo only likes food he can "crunch". My hubby will eat almost anything unless I call it "healthy". For some reason he thinks healthy tastes gross. Sometimes I have to be sneaky with him too.
Breakfast for me started out with a bowl of quinoa oats. It had 1 cup quinoa,1/2 tsp cinnamon,almond milk,stevia drops. It was delightful and full of protein :) Next up was snack #1

Bananer and 1/2 c low fat cottage cheese. This was soooo good. I usually do pineapple but banana was just as yummy. Definitely in my rotation now! Oh and a sprinkle of cinnamon for flava.

Lunch was this salad beast. It had tuna fish quinoa salad,carrots,green beans,broccoli shreds,balsamic vinaigrette,lettuce. It was uber filling.

Snack #2 came in the form of 2 egg puffy with salsa and a piece of jack sprat bread with almond butter.

Dinner was nothing special, 1 baked sweet tater,brown rice and a chocolate berry protein shake. I just wasn't in the mood for meat and needed some quick protein. I didn't quite finish everything, I was too full.

Yah not sure this is how the manufacture intended this to be ridden.

Now its off to more important things, like finding the lid to the milk that my 2 yr old lost.

Yah that's you I'm talking about. That is a face of pure guilt.

And just in case anyone is looking for a good book, this one is awesome. I really learned a lot about nutrition and health in general. I would recommend it to everyone who lives a healthy life style.
That's it for tonight, gotta bathe the monsters!
Peace out bloggies!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm back AGAIN....

So this last weekend and this week have been a whirl wind of packing and unpacking.Camping in Goblin valley was amazing. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was really nice. It was totally windy but really warm so it was tolerable. The kiddos had a great time and judging by the amount of dust/dirt on all of us there was definitely a "ring around the tub"!! Any who I'm glad to be home and back to the usual grind. I will post some pics and they will do the talking....
Friday's breakfast was overnight oats with strawberries and blueberries and almond butter. The combination of berries and almond butter is sooo good.

Yesterday I woke up to this .... Yeah and it got even worse!

After waking up to a blizzard, I decided to make a bowl of oats with apples and cinnamon. Also had a big coffee. This one is #2. Sometimes you just gotta have a 2nd cup.

Breakfast was followed by this mid morning snack: Frozen bloobs and plain Greek yogurt with vanilla stevia and cinnamon.

Lunch was this salad "beast". It contained lettuce,chick peas,1/4 avocado,1 tbs light balsamic vinaigrette dressing and nooch. It was good but probably could have used some chicken or something.

Mid afternoon snack. Nuff said.

Dinner was kind of boring. It was steamed broccoli,brown rice, and baked chicken. It tasted fine but I could have been more creative. Maybe tomorrow. Gosh this eating 5x a day is really weird for me but I am trying.

Final snack of the day, grapefruit. It was really good but hard to peel.
Today looked a little more like this......

It's hard to believe that it went from blizzard to summer in less than 24 hours huh. Only in Salt Lake I guess! I can't wait until the weather stabilizes a little more. I need to plant my tomatoes AGAIN.
Hope you all had a great Tues. it's almost hump day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

HLS 2010

I just got my ticket to the HSL!! Woo Hoo!!! Can't wait, now I gotta find cheap air fare. If anyone from SLC wants to meet up with me, let me know. Or email me :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy HuMp day!

Hello friends, I've been CRAZY busy this last week. Sorry for the lack of posts. We are planning a camping trip for this weekend, so I have been running like a CRAZY woman!! I know I will probably forget lots of stuff but who cares!! It's just great to get out of town. I will post some random food pics of what I've been eating lately sorry there are definitely repeat offenders but hopefully now that the weather is getting better I will have way more fruit and veggies in my diet.

We had a "BBQ" on Sunday and I use the term loosely since we didn't have much on hand and this was the only pic I remembered to take. The Boca burgers were pretty tasty though I've never had them before. I still prefer the Garden burger.

Breakfast was the usual oat bran,almond breeze,Pb,chia,stevia drops,cinnamon= Yummy It never gets old!

I switched it up this morning and had banana,oat bran with Pb,chia seeds,blueberry syrup,protein powder,almond breeze,cinnamon. These oats were super good. I forgot how creamy they get if you cook the banana in with the oats!

Lunch was this egg puff Sammy with 2egg whites,1 laughing cow wedge (light),spinach, this was good and really filling. Also had a red delicious apple but forgot to get a picture.

That's right, you guessed it. This was peanut butter banana soft serve "ice cream". The peanut butter made it sooo much better. Next time will be with chocolate and Pb. My favorite combo!

Breakfast this morn was over night oats with bloobs,old fash oats,almond breeze,stevia drops,chia seeds,flax meal. Yum Yum

Snack time included multi grain Ezekiel English muffin with almond butter and blackberry jam. So good, this jam was homemade from my aunt Nancy last summer.

Followed by this little cookie from whole foods, not sure what it was called but it had almonds and chocolate.

Grub box..... check

kids bags........check

My bag and UGGS.........check

Trailer ready and packed..........check!!
Have a great weekend and I will see ya when I get back from Goblin Valley!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm alive and back!!!

So breakfast has been pretty typical Over night oats with bloobs and Greek yogurt,protein pancakes and strawberries, English muffin with pb (sorry no pic).

Snackage was pretty yummy as well, just gotta luv the apples with LC wedge. So face rockin!!

This beauty was a blueberry,strawberry vanilla protein shake! It was beautiful and delish.

What is this you ask? A pizza duh! It was a cauliflower crust veggie pizza. It tasted really good but made my tummy ache for days. (Hello pepto baby!) I guess since I haven't had cauliflower is sooo long I forgot that it doesn't sit well with the old belly. Note to self never eat this again unless you want to drink pepto like Koolaid.

Besides, nothing makes you feel better than a new pair of gladiators for $10 bucks! Yes $10 I did NOT leave out a zero! Retail therapy is good for the soul. I'm a firm believer. I think I deserve these after the 2 days of hell with stomach cramps don't you?

Have you ever eaten something that you forgot totally makes you sick and paid the price physically?
Another note to self...... Stay the hell away from cauliflower!!!!
Have a great night!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't do it.........

OK for reasons that I will not mention, don't EVER EVER let your children (small children at least) watch this show. They may end up asking questions like:
"Mom do you and dad do sex?"
So please spare yourselves the "fun" of trying to explain to a 4 yr old what "SEX" is. By the way, I just said it was hugging and kissing. Phew, crisis averted at least for 10-12 years hopefully. oh I'm so in for it........

Hello Bloggies!!

Today was just another run of the mill day for me. Besides playing referee,to 3 kids, I was a taxi driver,maid,psychiatrist,DR. and mother. If only I was paid for this priceless duty. The weather here in SLC was yucky again. It goes from being 80 degrees to freezing overnight. I am so over it. Right now I am enjoying my own personal concert from my 4 yr old. Back to more important things, like me.... ha ha just kidding! (Not really) Breakfast this morning was
A green "sludge" monster.
In the mix was:
1 packet chocolate amazing meal
1 scoop brown rice vanilla protein powder
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (I used Almond Breeze)
1tsp chia seeds
stevia drops ( I used vanilla flavored)
1/2 tsp flax meal
2 handfuls of spinach
ice ice baby
It was really good despite how it looked!
Lunch was:

An egg puff sandwich! It contained:
1 egg
1egg white
5 spinach leaves
1 Lite laughing cow wedge
1 whole wheat sandwich thin
Result: AMAZING!!! I love using the LC wedges instead of mayo on sandwiches! The flavor is so much better and creamy as well. Even for being "lite" this cheese is incredible. Dinner this evening, was light as well. It consisted of:

Roasted sweet potato and steamed zucchini with parm. It was light and refreshing and since I'm hitting the gym shortly, I didn't want to be overly full. I also snacked on this yummy new find:

It tastes really good and being low fat was an added bonus. Hope you all had a great day!