Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Curry in a hurry (kind of)

This people, is what I call white-trash curry!! Just kidding its my version of fast curry. It contained: 1/2 brown rice,1/2 chick peas,1/2 can stewed zucchini in tomato sauce,shake of garlic powder,shake of onion powder,dash of cayenne for heat,shake of curry powder for that authentic Indian flava. Verdict it was OK but very filling. I also had a red delicious apple too. Can't seem to get enough of them lately.
This dish just makes me want REAL Indian food. Maybe one night, I will convince the hubby that we need to get Indian food without the children. What is your favorite type of Indian food? I love the chicken tikka misala!! Gotta go the terrorizor is playing on the phone!!
Don't call 911 like your sister did when she was your age. It was totally not funny. I need to find the "old" remote that I gave him to play "phone" with since he doesn't know the diff. See y'all later!!! XOXOXO

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