Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm alive and back!!!

So breakfast has been pretty typical Over night oats with bloobs and Greek yogurt,protein pancakes and strawberries, English muffin with pb (sorry no pic).

Snackage was pretty yummy as well, just gotta luv the apples with LC wedge. So face rockin!!

This beauty was a blueberry,strawberry vanilla protein shake! It was beautiful and delish.

What is this you ask? A pizza duh! It was a cauliflower crust veggie pizza. It tasted really good but made my tummy ache for days. (Hello pepto baby!) I guess since I haven't had cauliflower is sooo long I forgot that it doesn't sit well with the old belly. Note to self never eat this again unless you want to drink pepto like Koolaid.

Besides, nothing makes you feel better than a new pair of gladiators for $10 bucks! Yes $10 I did NOT leave out a zero! Retail therapy is good for the soul. I'm a firm believer. I think I deserve these after the 2 days of hell with stomach cramps don't you?

Have you ever eaten something that you forgot totally makes you sick and paid the price physically?
Another note to self...... Stay the hell away from cauliflower!!!!
Have a great night!!!!

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