Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy HuMp day!

Hello friends, I've been CRAZY busy this last week. Sorry for the lack of posts. We are planning a camping trip for this weekend, so I have been running like a CRAZY woman!! I know I will probably forget lots of stuff but who cares!! It's just great to get out of town. I will post some random food pics of what I've been eating lately sorry there are definitely repeat offenders but hopefully now that the weather is getting better I will have way more fruit and veggies in my diet.

We had a "BBQ" on Sunday and I use the term loosely since we didn't have much on hand and this was the only pic I remembered to take. The Boca burgers were pretty tasty though I've never had them before. I still prefer the Garden burger.

Breakfast was the usual oat bran,almond breeze,Pb,chia,stevia drops,cinnamon= Yummy It never gets old!

I switched it up this morning and had banana,oat bran with Pb,chia seeds,blueberry syrup,protein powder,almond breeze,cinnamon. These oats were super good. I forgot how creamy they get if you cook the banana in with the oats!

Lunch was this egg puff Sammy with 2egg whites,1 laughing cow wedge (light),spinach, this was good and really filling. Also had a red delicious apple but forgot to get a picture.

That's right, you guessed it. This was peanut butter banana soft serve "ice cream". The peanut butter made it sooo much better. Next time will be with chocolate and Pb. My favorite combo!

Breakfast this morn was over night oats with bloobs,old fash oats,almond breeze,stevia drops,chia seeds,flax meal. Yum Yum

Snack time included multi grain Ezekiel English muffin with almond butter and blackberry jam. So good, this jam was homemade from my aunt Nancy last summer.

Followed by this little cookie from whole foods, not sure what it was called but it had almonds and chocolate.

Grub box..... check

kids bags........check

My bag and UGGS.........check

Trailer ready and packed..........check!!
Have a great weekend and I will see ya when I get back from Goblin Valley!

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