Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some like it RAW

Greetings from blogger ville! So lately I've been playing around with some raw dessert recipes and watching YouTube for inspiration. I also purchased a few raw cookbooks and came up with this beauty!
100% Raw strawberry swirl cheezecake!

This was AMAZING! I think I like it better than normal cheesecake. It had no eggs,cream cheese,sugar,flour,butter,oil. Wow a healthy dessert can taste good. I didn't really use a recipe, I just threw in a little of this and a little of that.
Do you enjoy any raw desserts?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost Hump day!!

Hello bloggies! I've been busy lately but I do have lots of pics for you though. I've been cleaning like a mad woman since tomorrow night I'm hosting a cocktail/purse party in my back yard! Everything will be pink and girly. Can't wait. I will post pics of that as well. Now onto the pics.
Lez do dis!!!
I went to the Farmers market on Saturday morning!
These local art pieces were really cool.
Ahh yummy limeade. I slurped this baby down in like one minute flat.Then I saw a stand with lavender lemonade so of course I had to try it. It was super good with a hint of lavender. I the purple color was awesome!
Also picked up these babies. They were monster peas! They sold out in 30 mins last Sat. so I made sure to get some this time and they did not disappoint!

This was some of my random snakage this weekend.

We also took the Rhino out to the Uinta Mountains for a little 4x4 action. And a little picnic. Man, I really need a table in a bag that I keep seeing! Our picnic eats were Pb&J on Great harvest 9 grain and veggies and hummus and h20.

I spotted these lonely flowers and got down close to get a close up and realized that these were wild Pansies!! So beautiful. I love nature!

This was a small pond with tons of frogs you could hear them for miles!

When we go home I made these babies, ww vegan cinnamon rolls. Yum!

My neighbor told me to go pick some of their peas since they had a ton so I did. All that shelling for this!
So much work! They tasted great though.
Catch ya later gotta finish cleaning the house for the cocktail party tomorrow!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday!!!!!!!

Well hello everyone! So glad its Friday can you tell? Tomorrow is the farmers market down town yay! I'm going to try and go early before all the people in the world show up and it gets too hot. I was reading Janetha's blog (Meals and Moves) when she mentioned how unhappy she was when she stepped on the scale. I had the exact same thing happen to me two weeks ago. I've been eating really well and not eating junk and still the numbers were as high as ever. I totally wanted to cry. I guess eating 5x a day doesn't work for me. It seems like you get a magical # in your head of what your weight "should be" and it gets burned into your mind. Usually is the lowest weight that you can remember weighing (healthy or not) at least that is what my ideal weight is in my mind. Weight is just a number, and the scale is not always accurate. For instance my scale at home weighs 4-5 pounds lighter than any digital scale I've ever stepped onto. Weird I know but I can't let it get me down because weight fluctuates throughout the day. To make a long story short, I like to go by the way my clothes fit, that is a good way to see how things are going. I always have a pair of jeans that are too tight so when they are not too tight I know my weight has gone down. Remember weight is just a # and it shouldn't dictate how we feel or our quality of life. Just live every day to the fullest and do what makes you happy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not the usual Monday.....

Hello my peeps! Today has been, shall I say weird? Yes its been a little weird. My day started off with my 4 yr old waking up crying saying her head hurt. I put her in my bed, made a cold compress for her forehead and made her some apple juice per her request. I thought maybe she indulged on too many goodies yesterday at the BBQ so I didn't get too worried. About 30 Min's later she said her belly was hurting so I gave her a children's pepto chew. Another 30 Min's later I hear "mom I think I'm gonna throw up" so she ran to the toilet and threw up. So needless to say, she has some kind of stomach bug I guess. Not a good way to start the first day of summer :(.  Onto other topics, Saturday morning was spent at the downtown farmers market! I only got one pic sorry.
I had a made-to-order freshly squeezed limeade with fresh mint and organic unrefined sugar!
It was fantastic, not too sweet not too tart! They actually made each one to order and made them in mason jars! So clever. The line to get one was long but totally worth the wait!

This was the "Hodge podge" pasta salad I made. It had ww pasta,olives,carrots,zucchini,pepper jack cheese,broccoli and zesty Italian dressing. It was really goood and healthy.

                                             This was my plate, total salad demolition.
These are not meat balls, they are chocolate macaroons! They were really yummy too.

This was a mock pizza. It was a ww English muffin toasted with an LC wedge and fresh basil out of my yard! So fantastic!!!!
Hope y'all have a great afternoon!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday madness

Hello bloggy luvs, I am sooooo glad its finally Friday!! This week has been pretty busy, sorry for the lack of posts :( I will try to be better at posting more! Any who onto some of this weeks eats
Omelet with LC wedge and red grapes. These grapes were so crunchy and delish.

Chicken street tacos and homemade guac. I made these in the crock pot and they turned out great as usual.

Homemade raw almond coconut macaroons. These were super easy and tasted amazing. I will definitely make these again. I think I will try chocolate ones next. I will also post the recipe once I get done tweaking it a little more.

         I finally ordered one of these french presses and I am so glad I did! They really do make coffee taste so good! Last but not least, my new bloggy family member arrived via UPS, I really love this new computer. Its beautiful and functional. Love it!!!!!!!!!
Now its off to bed since we are hitting the farmers market early tomorrow morning before we go out with this baby:
See ya later, hope you all have a great weekend I know I will!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello friends, this weekend has been super busy and crazy. Addie had her dance recital and a dance company tryout,a bday party, and a date night! I'm ready for a lazy weekend next week, how about you? Last Thursday, I made a batch of vegan cinnamon rolls that were to die for. I got the recipe from Bran Appetite and slightly modified it for the ingredients I had on hand. They turned out super good.

So yummy!!
Addie's Dance recital to "Love Shack"

Lord help me, I have a total Diva on my hands!

Can't imagine where she gets it?
Celebration dinner @ Woody's!

Yah that's not even the "Big One" he totally couldn't finish it.

Date night @ PF Chang!
Hope you all are having a great weekend. See ya tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SCORE.... again!!!!

So today I ran some errands and did my shopping yada yada and found the most amazing deal EVER!!!
This cute skirt was $3 woo hoo!!

These shorts were $3 also!! Doesn't it just feel naughty when you get such a great deal?

This baby was $19.95 It's a Michael Kors nock off but I love it!! So cute and goes with everything!!!
Do you get a "thrill" when you get a super good deal? I know I do!!
Later dolls!