Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo folks!!

Last night's dinner was this salad "beast" as the Fitnessista would call it. It really was HUGE! It was also delicious too! In the mix was cabbage shreds,broccoli shreds,edemame,tomato,baby zucchini,homemade whole wheat croutons and light balsamic vinaigrette. I had a salad baby afterward.
After dinner I made these yummy vegan pb protein bars. They turned out super good and they are totally raw too. I will post the recipe soon since I just threw these together with no REAL measurements. After these, I had some of this:
And went nigh night!! When I woke up, I had this:

Don't want to bore you with the details but is was over night oats AGAIN. I know I know, I've been a little obsessed but I'm getting over it I promise. After this, I had this:
Since I was running around all day with school,dentist,shopping I mean important business, I had to refuel with this Cliff bar. It kept me going though since I was so busy shopping running important errands. Later I had to make another super important stop for this:
A green tea latte and low fat coffee cake. So I wouldn't die of starvation of course.
This one kept me on track though asking every 5 seconds, "are we done yet mom?"
Then it was off to do this:
Followed by this:
Happy Cinco DE Mayo!! Hope its great for all of you!!
Good night!!!

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