Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy mother's day to me....

So on honor of mother's day being on Sunday, I took it upon myself to get a few necessities   things. These babies were calling my name from the clearance rack and couldn't be ignored.
Exhibit A: $14.95 @Nordstrom Rack
Exhibit B: $12.95 @ROSS

Exhibit:C $8.99 @ROSS
Yes I have a problem, there I said it. I know I know, but Ross just sucks me in. It's pretty sad when all the employees know you and your kid's by first name. Onto more exciting things, tomorrow is the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure 5K. I will be doing it with some of my best buds. If you don't already you should really donate to the cause and show your support for breast cancer awareness. This is such a great cause and hopefully, one day we will find a cure for this awful disease.

Now onto today's eats. Nothin too exciting for breakfast, I had Kashi Go Lean and strawberries and an orange that was so so.

For lunch, I made an egg white puffy sandwich with 1 whole wheat sandwich thin,1 light laughing cow wedge (instead of mayo) mustard, and some raw spinach. It was really good and light. Also had some green grapes. They were really crunchy, just the the way I like'em.

Not sure what's for dinner yet, hopefully it involves someone else cooking it though;

I'm thinking some sort of BBQ! What do you think Bobby?
Have a great afternoon!!


  1. Happy Mothers Day Hailey!!!

    And - very cool about the race you are running tomorrow!! I'll be out running, too - a 4.5 mile mud run, with my 15 y.o. son!! I wonder...would giving my wife a hug right after that rank high on the Mother's Day list of great things!!!

  2. thanks for swinging by my blog! i love meeting new utah bloggers :) i have that crate and barrel bowl in green! i love it. and i LOVE bobby! he is the grill masta. cute blog~ hope you have a great wednesday! let's hope for some sunshine, eh?!