Monday, June 21, 2010

Not the usual Monday.....

Hello my peeps! Today has been, shall I say weird? Yes its been a little weird. My day started off with my 4 yr old waking up crying saying her head hurt. I put her in my bed, made a cold compress for her forehead and made her some apple juice per her request. I thought maybe she indulged on too many goodies yesterday at the BBQ so I didn't get too worried. About 30 Min's later she said her belly was hurting so I gave her a children's pepto chew. Another 30 Min's later I hear "mom I think I'm gonna throw up" so she ran to the toilet and threw up. So needless to say, she has some kind of stomach bug I guess. Not a good way to start the first day of summer :(.  Onto other topics, Saturday morning was spent at the downtown farmers market! I only got one pic sorry.
I had a made-to-order freshly squeezed limeade with fresh mint and organic unrefined sugar!
It was fantastic, not too sweet not too tart! They actually made each one to order and made them in mason jars! So clever. The line to get one was long but totally worth the wait!

This was the "Hodge podge" pasta salad I made. It had ww pasta,olives,carrots,zucchini,pepper jack cheese,broccoli and zesty Italian dressing. It was really goood and healthy.

                                             This was my plate, total salad demolition.
These are not meat balls, they are chocolate macaroons! They were really yummy too.

This was a mock pizza. It was a ww English muffin toasted with an LC wedge and fresh basil out of my yard! So fantastic!!!!
Hope y'all have a great afternoon!!

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