Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday and Memorial day fun

Hello friends, this long weekend was just what I needed! Hope you all had a fun weekend and Holiday. We celebrated on Saturday for my hubby's 32nd bday. His request for bday cake was a "Better than Sex" cake so I happily obliged!
His mom also brought a cake!

A vanilla Mrs. Backers cake. Yum!
We also BBQ'd chicken and veggies and sang Happy Bday!

We also celebrated with Fro Yo mine was plain tart with berries!!
We also went to the cemetery to visit loved ones that are gone.

We miss you Dad.
We also went to uncle Mayo's for a BBQ.

Not my family but you get the point! Ha ha forgot my camera!!
I also tried a new beer that was to die for. It was called Honey Moon. It had a hint of clover honey and orange zest. It was mild and refreshing. Since I'm a total wussy beer drinker it was perfect.

This was the best brewsky I've had in a long time!
Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial day weekend! I know I did!

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