Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost Hump day!!

Hello bloggies! I've been busy lately but I do have lots of pics for you though. I've been cleaning like a mad woman since tomorrow night I'm hosting a cocktail/purse party in my back yard! Everything will be pink and girly. Can't wait. I will post pics of that as well. Now onto the pics.
Lez do dis!!!
I went to the Farmers market on Saturday morning!
These local art pieces were really cool.
Ahh yummy limeade. I slurped this baby down in like one minute flat.Then I saw a stand with lavender lemonade so of course I had to try it. It was super good with a hint of lavender. I the purple color was awesome!
Also picked up these babies. They were monster peas! They sold out in 30 mins last Sat. so I made sure to get some this time and they did not disappoint!

This was some of my random snakage this weekend.

We also took the Rhino out to the Uinta Mountains for a little 4x4 action. And a little picnic. Man, I really need a table in a bag that I keep seeing! Our picnic eats were Pb&J on Great harvest 9 grain and veggies and hummus and h20.

I spotted these lonely flowers and got down close to get a close up and realized that these were wild Pansies!! So beautiful. I love nature!

This was a small pond with tons of frogs you could hear them for miles!

When we go home I made these babies, ww vegan cinnamon rolls. Yum!

My neighbor told me to go pick some of their peas since they had a ton so I did. All that shelling for this!
So much work! They tasted great though.
Catch ya later gotta finish cleaning the house for the cocktail party tomorrow!!


  1. The local art is so neat! I love the fish

  2. What a great weekend! Love the farmers market, family time & those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING! I want them