Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grocery success!!

Hello friends,today is hump day once again. You know what that means at my house right? Grocery day! I love to grocery shop, well any shopping for that matter makes me a happy girl! Today I had an agenda though. I was on a tight budget since the hubby's $375.00 union dues are due on July 1st. I needed to buy only the necessities. Onto my finds :
This trip included apple,juice,whole wheat bread,whole wheat bagel thins,sugar free strawberry preserves,cheese,naturally more peanut butter,blue berries,strawberries,cantaloupe,bananas,zucchini,milk,hot dogs,coffee creamer,low fat granola,eggs,red grapes,tortillas,cumin,chili powder,4 Roma tomatoes,oh and two "my little ponies" for a bday party on Saturday. All of this for $70.77 Note: I didn't purchase any meat since we weren't out. I would say this was a success for sure!!
Onto other eats:

I made lemon thyme shrimp on the BBQ. They were delish! It had lemon juice,garlic powder,salt,pepper,fresh thyme from my herb garden,butter. Holy Yum!

Turkey Sammie on sprouted wheat bread with tomato and spinach and LC wedge. Twas divine!

I also tried this new protein shake from Vega. Kath was right, it really tastes like wedding cake! I love the almond flavor and the nutrition stats are great. I would highly recommend you try this. I couldn't find this at WF so I ordered it here .
Lastly I had a wonderful girls night out last Wed. that involved this drink:

Fresh strawberry lemonade with mint and vodka. So refreshing. I think I will recreate this one for sure.
Hope you all have a great day, now I'm off to shred with Jillian!

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