Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello friends, this weekend has been super busy and crazy. Addie had her dance recital and a dance company tryout,a bday party, and a date night! I'm ready for a lazy weekend next week, how about you? Last Thursday, I made a batch of vegan cinnamon rolls that were to die for. I got the recipe from Bran Appetite and slightly modified it for the ingredients I had on hand. They turned out super good.

So yummy!!
Addie's Dance recital to "Love Shack"

Lord help me, I have a total Diva on my hands!

Can't imagine where she gets it?
Celebration dinner @ Woody's!

Yah that's not even the "Big One" he totally couldn't finish it.

Date night @ PF Chang!
Hope you all are having a great weekend. See ya tomorrow!!


  1. haha, she's a diva for sure. but a cute one!! :)

    i've never made cinnamon rolls before. it seems so hard but i just looked up a recipe and it's not that hard. i think the worst is getting the yeast to react cooperatively.

  2. The rolls look so good! And your daughter is adorable (just like mommy!!). Where do you live at? We have a Woody's but we've never been