Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let there be food!

Hello everyone out there in bloggy land! I've been reading about all the adventures at the Blog Her convention that I am missing :( Looks like everyone is having a spectacular time in NYC. Maybe next year. Well not much to report around here. Here are a few pics for ya!
We went to the "Red Iguana" for dinner and it was awesome. It was featured on Diners Drive- In's and Dives last year. This place has amazing Mexican food!

Its quite a dive and its located in the ghetto but people don't mind, they will wait in long lines just to eat this amazing food.

This was our entree, the "Killer Nachos". They were so good.

Here is me being a dork sans makeup.

Here is the hubby. Nice grin dude. I didn't get pics of our actual dinner, I felt like a weirdo busting out my camera and taking tons of pics. The place was packed. I can't wait to go back.
Well I'm off to get major house cleaning done! Have a great Sunday!

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